Maria Nila

Maria Nila
Maria Nila's line stems from the desire to create hair products that are entirely vegan, yet incredibly effective and compliant on all hair types. Thanks to professional yet friendly and honest communication, this Swedish brand has been able to conquer even the most rebellious hair. Maria Nila products are 100% vegan and animal friendly.
Maria Nila
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Maria Nila Hair Care

Innovative, transparent and eco-friendly: this is the standard that Maria Nila has always aimed for, leading the company to operate in more than 45 countries on 3 continents. If this brand has managed to grow from a small workshop in your garage to a company known worldwide, it is only due to the quality of products that aim to give you the best for your hair

Maria Nila is a name inherited from that of the founder's great-grandmother, who showed great respect towards the planet and the wildlife. It was because of her influence that their philosophy of providing the world with innovative, vegan and eco-friendly professional beauty was born. The company is therefore committed to the vision of sustainable beauty, producing 100% vegan formulas and using CO2-compensated packaging. All its products are also certified by PETA, The Leaping Bunny, Vegan Society and Plan Vivo. But Maria Nila's commitment does not stop here: every year, on World Vegan Day, it starts 'The Friendly Year' project, a  year of campaigns and initiatives to collect donations for a specific wildlife cause. Maria Nila's catalogue is vast, ranging from Hair Care products to Candles, via Soaps and Hand Lotions, to provide all-round support for those who want to live more ethically.

A brand therefore that on the one hand constantly works to make its formulas as eco-friendly as possible, and on the other to find new active ingredients to care for your hair. Maria Nila is the brand that takes care of both your hair and your future


Maria Nila Colour Refresh

This line is among the most innovative and popular in the Maria Nila catalogue, and not without reason: it consist in temporary colouring treatments for all hair types, that allow you to try out even the most vibrant shades without the problems of permanent colouring. Maria Nila Colour Refresh products have multiple effects: not only do they allow you to have the hair colour you want without regrets, they also work as hair masks, moisturising and reducing frizz. The colour lasts from 4 to 10 washes if you don't keep applying it, allowing you to manage it as you like. 

But the real innovation of this line is the possibility of mixing different shades: do you want a pastel colour? Just blend Colour Refresh White Mix with the colour of your choice. Would you like a colour somewhere between dusty pink and lavender? No problem, mix the two colours according to your preference and you will immediately obtain the exact shade of your choice, allowing you a professional result even in the bathroom at home!


Maria Nila Styling Products

One of the strengths of this brand is the wide range of choice, perfectly represented by the styling products. In addition to The Minerals, the world's first collection of 100% vegan professional waxes, Maria Nila also offers an extensive catalogue of products to protect your hair and make it look as beautiful as after going to the hairdresser. Creams, Mousses and Sprays for styling (even for beach waves!), but also Illuminating Sprays, Heat Sprays or Dry Shampoos.


Maria Nila products on 50 ml:

Maria Nila Head & Hair Heal Shampoo: A soothing shampoo that stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. It has an allergen-free fragrance suitable for even the most sensitive skin, prevents dandruff, treats scalp problems, preserves colour and protects hair from UV rays and free radicals.

Maria Nila Finishing Spray: a volume spray with a strong but adjustable hold suitable for all hair types, and a fresh, fruity and floral fragrance. It has a strong but not extreme hold (unlike Extreme Spray), allowing you to brush and rework your hair even after application. Perfect as a finishing touch for looks you want to maintain for a long time.

Maria Nila Gneiss Moulding Paste: Maria Nila Gneiss Moulding Paste is a volume and styling gel for all hair types. It is a volumising and texturising paste with a neutral shine that provides fullness to all hairstyles. The Vegan moisturising formula protects the hair from dryness, while creating a firm hold and natural shine.

Maria Nila Curlicue Cream: A floral-scented moisturiser designed to enhance natural waves and curls. It moisturises without weighing down your hair, combating frizz and the risk of split ends, while offering protection from heat and giving definition. A nourishing treatment that protects the colour from free radicals and UV rays.

Maria Nila Dry Shampoo: A spray powder designed to absorb excess sebum and remove residues of previously used styling products, giving hair freshness without washing it. Also perfect to use on freshly washed hair to keep it clean longer, make styling last and create volume at the roots. 


Maria Nila Products Reviews: See Our Customers' Reviews!

Maria Nila Colour Refresh Cacao Intense: "I use this mask to conceal the regrowth of white hair. Maria Nila Colour Refresh doesn't cover it completely, but it creates so much shine that it masks it very well. It also makes the hair soft, plumped up, silky and fragrant. I will definitely buy it again!" Chiara

Maria Nila Structure Repair Mask: "A little while ago I decided to dye my hair at home and unfortunately the product I used ruined my hair, making it dull and dry. I started using this mask after reading Maria Nila reviews, and my hair literally came back to life. After a couple of weeks the difference is obvious." Andrea

Maria Nila Shampoo Structure Repair: "Amazing shampoo. Normally, having dyed hair, after shampooing it was a mess and I had to use a cream to comb it through. With this shampoo, you can tell from the first lathering that the hair is immediately soft and detangled. I didn't have to add any cream, almost a miracle. Very gentle and fragrant." Giada

Maria Nila Schist Fibre Cream: 'My hairdresser introduced me to it, but he didn't have any to sell. Luckily I found it on 50 ml for a great price! The hold is great and it doesn't leave your hair greasy or sticky. It smells very good but most importantly I don't smell it after a while, which is important to me. It lasts all day and very little is needed, so a 100ml pot is enough for a whole year." Antonio

Maria Nila Breeze Hand Lotion: "By now I cannot live without Maria Nila products. I started with the hair lotion, but seeing the quality I decided to try the hand lotion as well...and it’s awesome. The lotion leaves the hands soft and it’s perfect for a short relaxing moment. I left some at work and I use it as a mini relaxing break. Now my hands are soft, smell great and I'm even more relaxed!" Teresa


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