Tonatto Tonatto Amir Shanghai

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À partir de : 50,00 €

Tonatto Amir Shanghai is an amber oriental diffuser. Little sticks of rattan or bamboo have been perfected to absorb and diffuse the scents. The intensity of the perfume can be modified by dipping more or less sticks into the scent and also by turning them upside down whenever diffusion seems to lessen. Avoid exposing directly to sources of heat and air conditioners, which can alter the fragrance and accelerate the period of evaporation.
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Top Notes: Lavender and Petitegrain

Heart Notes: Orange, Lemon tree, Myrrh and Incense

Base Notes: Animal Musk, Amber, French Labdanum and Woody Notes

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Type du produit Diffuser
skintype Non
Part du corps Non
family Amber Oriental
Sexe Non
hairtype Non
effect Non
variation Non
Couleur Non
shade Non
ean Non

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