Moth & Rabbit Blow Up EDP

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Moth & Rabbit Blow Up EDP is a woody eau de parfum for men and women. Established in 2016, cult-brand Moth and Rabbit (M.A.R.) is a Berlin and Paris based Contemporary Perfumery Project The olfactive stories revolve around the portrayal of the contemporary society. Exceptional filmmakers serve as an inspirational brief to the legendary perfumer Mark Buxton, who creates an exclusive olfactive product. The black, raw, minimal, yet elegant, packaging completes the equation, and the multisensory experience. Iconic Michelangelo Antonioni movie, filmed in the sisties, paints the swinging London mood and its excesses, with a elegant and dazed touch. A fashion photograph believes he has accidentally shot a crime scene, but his doubts will never be solved. The fragrance has the same psychedelic mood, a kaleidoskope of explosive notes, apparentely disparate, but actually merging to create a unforgettable jus.
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Top Notes: absinth, safran, cardamom, cassis, oil painting note.

Heart Notes: cedar leaves, myrrh, cypriol, incense , chinese cedarwood.

Back Notes: cystus, labdanum, poplar ,civette absolute, leather and woody notes, amber.

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Type du produit Eau de Parfum
skintype Non
Part du corps Non
family Boisé
Sexe Unisexe
hairtype Non
effect Non
Capacité 50 ml
variation Non
Couleur Non
ean Non

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