Bye Bye Racines Bye Bye Racines Colore par Rodolphe Chatain Clair

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Bye Bye Racines Colore par Rodolphe Chatain Clair, colouring spray, mousse and Mist for dry, dyed and bleached hair. Colore par Rodolphe Chatain Clair is perfect for light to medium chestnut hair.
It is a temporary color spray that conceals roots in just a few seconds.
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- It assures an impecable concealment of roots, even white hair

- It’s a simple gest, fast and precise done by you in all discretion

- The result is light, natural, above suspicion

- Once it’s set it stays on, even if it rains!

- To re-move simply shampoo you hair

Informations complémentaires

Type du produit Spray, Mousse & Mist
family Non
hairtype Dry, Dyed and Bleached
effect Couleur
Capacité 100 ml
ean 3760040300023

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