Arc Arc Lozione Alle Cellule Staminali Vegetali

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Arc Plant Stem Cell Lotion is an anti-aging and anti-fall treatment specifically designed for all hair types. The lotion attacks the causes of alopecia at the source, improves cellular vitality and effectively prevents hair loss by increasing its ability to anchor the scalp. The hair is stronger, healthier and resistant to traction. To obtain continuous and surprising results it is advisable to use the Shampoo and the Mask of the same line.
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Arc Staminal Therapy uses a plant complex of stem cells of Swiss origin that the evidence has shown to delay hair senescence and apoptosis, ie the programmed death, of hair follicles. All the scalp structures are regenerated and their functions reactivated for a stronger, healthier and more resistant to traction. The problem of thinning is addressed at the base, favoring the functional recovery of the hair bulb, and significantly counteracting premature senescence and apoptosis. The Arc Staminal Therapy line of hair stem cells treatments is suitable for all hair and all ages and consists of Shampoo, Mask and Lotion.

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Type du produit Hair Treatments
skintype Non
Part du corps Non
family Non
Sexe Non
hairtype All
effect Anti-âge & perte
Capacité 150 ml
variation Non
Couleur Non
ean Non

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